Sermon: What a Wonderful World

Rev. Kristin Phillipson

Reading: Genesis 29:15-28


A couple of weeks ago the teenagers here at Rosedale United hosted a weeklong day camp for the children staying at the Red Door Shelter.  We chose the phrase, “what a wonderful world” to use as our theme and, over the course of the week, we taught the kids the song of the same name, made popular by Louis Armstrong.  I doubt the men who wrote that song intended anything theological by it, and the camp wasn’t meant to be religious in any way, and yet, though it makes no reference to God or Jesus, there was something sacred about singing that particular song with that particular group of kids.  It’s a song that makes a bold statement – it’s a wonderful world – but I was pretty sure that for these kids, the world hadn’t always seemed so wonderful.   Read more ›

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Sermon: Vision


Rev. Karen J. Bowles

(readings are at the end of the sermon)

I had a dream the other night – while this week has been busy and filled with tasks and commitments to met – while this week has been difficult at times in meeting those tasks – in remaining available to those in need and attempting to carve the time for considering the scriptures for today – for contemplating and prayer and meditation on what to say this morning – all that came out in this dream – I dreamt that it was 10:30 this Sunday morning – 10:30 today and I had no sermon written – I had not a word to say – and as I was agonizing and fumbling and fretting Jason Meyers of our congregation came into my dream and said I have some articles on gospel museums that I can share for the sermon – would that help?  And I burst out laughing first that gospel museums even exist – what would they contain?  What bizarre corners of my dreaming unconscious would dream up such an institution and think it a good topic for a sermon?   Read more ›

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Sermon: Seed to Stalk


Rev. Karen J. Bowles

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readings included in the sermon

Seed to Stalk

This morning we heard the story of the birth of Jacob and Esau – twin brothers and the story of how Jacob tricked Esau out of his birthright. and we will hear portions of the story of Jacob for the next 2 Sundays – next week will be Jacob’s ladder and the week following Jacob will wrestle with a mysterious stranger.

Genesis traces the early stages of the human relationship with the divine.  Genesis after all means the origin or coming into being of something.

“It is a story of beginnings – the beginning of the world, the beginning of the human race, the beginning of the people of Israel and the beginning of the experience of the reality of God.”  Karen Armstrong, In the Beginning

The writers of Genesis do not give us history – they do not write or even pretend to write first hand accounts of life in Palestine 2,000 years before the common era.  In fact they did not know anything about that time.  They were writing 1500 years later.   Read more ›

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Highlights in brief :

For the month of August, we are welcomed by our brothers and sisters at Rosedale Presbyterian.

Next service at the church will be September 7 – Doug Norris preaching.




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