Sermon : ‘Hopes for Audacity (Rise Up My Love) ‘


Doug Norris,   Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014

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Rise up, my love…

This has been a substantial week. Holy Week. You’ve probably been in on some of the things we’ve been up to. Palm branches and birthday cakes last Sunday. (The Palm branches are biblical, the birthday cake part is something we made up.) Then a few days ago, the Thursday dinner and a quiet service to recall the Last Supper. And Friday, the deep beauty, the aching beauty of the music that led us through remembering the crucifixion. And now, today, daffodils and Hallelujahs! The blessing of light. All of you here. This is the Great Week of the church, and now we are down to a sermon and a song. A sermon and a song and a coffee and off we go. Read more ›

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Highlights this week :

Holy Week is April 13 to 20, see the details here

Maundy Thursday – 5pm Soup Supper, 7pm Meditative service, 8pm : Film ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’

Good Friday 10:30am service – choral, hymns, readings (featuring Allegri’s Miserere)

Sunday April 6 – Easter Sunday  Doug preaching

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Sermon “The Jesus We Want”


April 13, 2014    Doug Norris

(Psalm 118, Matthew 21:1-11)

When he entered Jerusalem, the whole city was in turmoil, asking, “Who is this?” The crowds were saying, “This is the prophet Jesus from Nazareth in Galilee.”

Albert Schweitzer, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1952, was a theologian, a music scholar, organist, medical doctor, and he spent much of his career in a small hospital he founded deep in the heart of the Congo. It was his response to the question of who Jesus is and the inevitable companion to that question : So, then – how shall I live? Read more ›

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Sermon: ‘Breaking Out’

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Karen J. Bowles – April 6, 2014

see the readings

This morning reading of the Ezekiel vision packs a punch doesn’t it? – Ezekiel in his valley of dry bones. I must admit my sleep over the last few weeks has been visited by dancing skeletons vast armies of the un-dead, ghouls and mummies aided not a little by the popular depictions of such things.  We are still two weeks away from Holy Week – a journey filled with – passion and despair and betrayal and derision and mounting tension overflowing into violence and death- And here we sit in the fifth Sunday of this season of  Lent – Read more ›

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